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 Launched in 2013, I-GLAM is the delight and ecstasy of its founder – Andrew Yuan, a lingerie designer with over a decade experience in the creation of outfits that accentuate the true and special qualities of a woman. He loves to share his passion for a lifestyle where bikinis and comfort go hand in hand to promote the self-awareness of women. Looking around him, he realized that every society has its own way of expression via clothing and style, some more unique than the rest, some simply beautiful, and some quite conventional. Then, he thought of establishing boundaries. However, there seems to be no limit to the infinite creativity that is involved in the design of bikinis. So, alongside a partner, he was inspired to set up a USA Brand to grow I-Glam to a global audience given that creativity is indeed unlimited. I-Glam is a registered trademark in the US. Hence, it’s no surprise that at I-Glam, the apparel operations are all about four words: Desire, Sensuality, Beauty and Strength.


Our Brand

The logo and history of I-Glam since its existence has emphasized in all practical ways, that I-Glam is about reflecting the glamorous attributes of women in the simplest manner (irrespective of their sizes and shapes). This principle of simplicity is just what makes us unique as a brand that makes you march to your own beat.


Our Goals

To reflect who you are and make you feel sexy and confident.


Our Services

At I-Glam, we are all about you and the uniqueness of your swimwear. We see you as a special person who deserves that exclusivity and the right dose of sunshine whenever you’re at the beach. We identify and respect your individual differences and that’s why our services are all about you. We strive to style a complete look for your every swimming event and we’ve included a wide range of swim suits just to cover the needs of the men too. We are in operation just because we want to prove your personality, and show you how astonishing you can be in your present body form.


Our Philosophy

The I-Glam logo projects the precise image which explains our brand philosophy. It inspires self-confidence in women to show their elegance and beauty. I-Glam promises to offer you a wide variety of high-quality bikinis at affordable prices as well as our excellent customer service.

Step up and join the rest of the fashion-devoted buyers who feel glamorous with I-Glam wears.